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Top 5 Muscle Building Back Exercises

The “perfect physique” demands the V-taper which makes your back appear huge. Working out the back to get this V-shape is a challenge because most of us cannot actually feel these muscles working out whenever we train. It is important to train the back muscles because when you sit up or stand up tall, you feel sleeker and stronger at once. When you can get a strong back, you will feel more confident about yourself and you can avoid slouching. Finally, for the perfect body balance, you need to have a strong back; since we tend to push more than we pull things, we end up developing our chest more than your back. You can perform these following muscle building back exercises to get a well sculpted back:

  1. Deadlift: This is arguably the most effective amongst all back exercises. This exercise aims to engage most of the muscle groups in your body. The deadlift focuses on the lumbar muscles, trapezius and latissimus dorsi. The deadlift is essentially a weight training workout whether a loaded bar or barbell has to be raised off the floor to the hips and then again lowered to the floor. You start by setting yourself up behind this bar with the bar almost touching your legs. By bending the knees and hips slightly, you need to take your weight mainly on the heels as you keep the feet flat. The spine is held upright and knees are not to move ahead of the toes. You must then grip the bar, depress the shoulders to raise this bar.
  2. Bent over Rows: To do this exercise, you have to stand with the feet shoulder-width apart. Bending the knees slightly and holding the head up, you are nearly parallel to the ground. The weight must be held directly under the chest, and with palms facing you, you have to lift this weight. In doing so, you engage the back muscles to raise the weight to the chest maintaining the elbows close to the body. You must then lower the weight and perform the same action again.
  3. Barbell Shrugs: This exercise targets the traps; you have to use weighted barbells which are set at your thigh height on an adjustable stand. The weight may hang at the thighs and your arms should be fully extended. With your back held upright and the chin up, you must try to shrug the shoulders as high as possible. While doing this, you have to also raise the weight. Then you can bring the weight down in a controlled manner to repeat this action.
  4. Pull ups and Chin Ups: While this seems more like an arms workout, the truth is that this is a hefty challenge. The upper body works out to raise the body weight and then lowers it in a controlled manner. Beginners can use assisted pull-up machines that use weights to resist your own weight. Depending on your grip position, chin-ups are found to be slightly less challenging than pull-ups.
  5. Single Arm Dumbbell Row: This workout is good for training your back muscles and gives a far fuller contraction compared to barbells. You can start by using a bench for kneeling down and then support your weight with the free hand on this bench. The torso has to be held parallel to the ground and the dumbbell hangs with the other arm fully extended. You must pull the weight to the chest with elbows tucked in. You have to then release the weight and stretch the arm.

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