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Nutrisystem Alternative Thats Cheaper and Better

Nutrisystem has track record of over 49 years in providing weight loss solutions to people across the nation. The program is very popular among the dieters for various convenient features that it offers. The foremost convenience is the foods can be ordered online which are delivered to your home in prepackaged condition. It is the best diet program for fitness seekers who are always on the go and do not find time to cook their own diet meals at home. The diet foods are premade under the guidance of health experts and packed at the best of their flavor and nutrients. As the foods are delivered in microwavable pouches, the dieters have to simply reheat the pouches in a microwave oven and relish them during the right meal times.

Nutrisystem plans and features

Nutrisystem has diet plans for people belonging to all age groups and with specific health conditions like type 2 diabetes. In fact, all these plans are designed by expert nutritionists considering the individual metabolic needs and bodily reactions of various individuals. The program floats in general three plans namely basic, core and uniquely yours which are part of the special diet plans as well.

Basic: This plan provides a default menu consisting of shelf stable foods and free access to online tools and trackers. This plan is ideal for people who want to try on Nutrisystem for the first time. As the name suggests, it is the basic plan provided at the least price.

Core: This plan gives access to menu containing 100 shelf stable meal options. Dieters also enjoy free diet counseling apart from free access to online tools and trackers.

Uniquely Yours: This plan has unique features as the name suggests and priced high among the three. Here, dieters can choose from 150 meal options which include both shelf stable and frozen varieties. Customers get full freedom to customize their own menu here and other features of basic and core plans are part of this plan too.

Lean 13: This plan is suggested to jumpstart the weight loss journey for any dieter who joins the program. The plan assures 13 lbs and 7 inches of weight loss in the very first month of practicing this plan. It provides 7 breakfasts, lunches and dinners along with turbo shakes and nutricrush bars. The shakes are enriched with probiotics and fiber which keep the dieters energized and full for a longer time. The bars act like suppressors gratifying your cravings between meals. After completing the first month with Lean 13, the dieters are recommended to switch over to any of the standard plans.

Specialized plans: Nutrisystem has specialized plans for seniors, diabetics and vegetarians. Nutrisystem D which is devised for diabetics provides weight loss as well as prevents sugar spikes. Vegetarian diet plan provides over 90 meal options to choose from and the meals are packed in best state by preserving the nutrients.

Cost: The highly priced plan is uniquely yours which itself comes to only $11.96 per day. This is very affordable when compared to other diet plans in the market. Moreover, the price is even slashed when you use their online coupons and seasonal offers. The men’s plans are slightly higher than other plans as they entail an extra meal. This is because men have to consume more calories per day than women so an additional meal is supplied to them daily.

Convenience: Nutrisystem is very popular because of the conveniences one gets to enjoy here. The prime convenience is online ordering and door delivery of foods. With one mouse click you can subscribe to a diet plan and get the meals delivered home for a month. As the meals are prepackaged, it is easy for busy dieters to slide them in to their travel bags and carry wherever they go.

South Beach Diet Plan

South beach diet plan is a good alternative to Nutrisystem diet plan as it also focuses on portion control meals. It was discovered by Dr. Arthur Agatston who is a cardiologist by profession. He primarily designed this plan for his patients in order to prevent them from having heart attacks or strokes. The idea of this diet plan is to stabilize the insulin levels and prevent cholesterol accumulation which leads to major heart conditions.

South beach diet plan involves three phases which the dieters have to strictly follow and complete to be successful. The diet plan is considered to restrict carbs which makes the body burn fat for want of energy. The plan is basically divided into three phases where in the first phase the carbs are restricted, in the second phase good carbs are introduced and in the third phase the dieters get freedom to choose or cook their own meals with minimal restrictions on carbs.

Though this diet plan has major restrictions on carbs, dieters still follow them avidly as the rules are acceptable and help in greater weight loss. Following this diet plan, the dieters get good knowledge of foods to eat and avoid and maintain a healthy relationship with foods they majorly consume. The plan provides them with weight loss recipes which helps them cook their own diet meals and continue with them even after ending the diet program. The plan suggests alternative meals to vegetarians and vegans as well. In case, the dieters put on weight during the second phase due to overindulgence, they can get back to phase 1 to lose some weight and start from they where they left.

Like Nutrisystem, this diet plan does not have an exercise regimen as part of the program and so does not offer any workout suggestions. However, one of the latest books of Dr. Arthur Agatston seems to have some workout suggestions that work certain muscle groups.

Final words

Apart from South beach diet plan, other good alternatives of Nutrisystem are Medifast, Weight Watchers and Jenny Craig which have different strategies of providing weight loss. Medifast seems to offer weight loss quickly but has to be followed upon doctor’s advice. Weight Watchers works by assigning points to diet meals and equip dieters to prepare their own diet meals. Jenny Craig does not have a vast menu like Nutriystem. It has only 70 meal options consisting of low fat and low calories foods. It also encourages including fruits and vegetables to the daily diet like Nutrisystem. Therefore, dieters can choose any of these diet plans according to their tastes and preferences and lose weight in a healthy and safe manner.