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Medifast is a popular weight loss program which has been delivering ready to eat diet foods for several years. Previously, the program was prescribed only through doctors. Today, you can order Medifast foods online and eat at the comfort of your own home.  The key to weight loss is creating a calorie deficit and Medifast uses this strategy mainly. Medifast offers primarily portion controlled foods which are equally low in carbs, fats and calories.

Best alternatives to Medifast

The best alternatives to Medifast which works similar to Medifast is Nutrisystem.  Nutrisystem is also a meal delivery program that delivers prepackaged foods to your home. Nutrisystem guarantees up to 13 lbs in the first month of joining the program and up to 2 lbs per week thereafter. The program emphasises on having 5 to 6 calorie controlled meals at frequent intervals in order to lose weight.

Nutrisystem food packages are portion controlled, low calorie items that are devoid of trans fats and artificial additives. The meals are enriched with essential nutrients that are low in carbs, fats, sugar and sodium. As the meals are portion and calorie controlled, dieters need not take the pain of counting calories or checking portion size on a daily basis.

Main Advantages of Nutrisystem

  1. Nutrisystem has 160+ menu choices which is a lot more than Nutrisystem.
  2. Nutrisystem plans costs $10.18 – 13.93 per day and you can choose from 4 different plans based on menu choices and cost. Use the coupons below to bring the cost down. 
  3. With Nutrisystem, you can customize and pick your own menu based on what you like. You can also checkout the user ratings for each menu item in Nutrisystem website.
  4. Medifast menu mostly has Bars, Shakes, Smoothies, Crunchers, Drinks, Desserts and some breakfast options. Main course is very limited in Medifast. However, Nutrisystem has a wide range of Maincourse options including Burger, Chicken Rolls,  Beans & Rice, Mac and Cheese, Noodles and many more. Click Here to see full list of Nutrisystem Menu.
  5. Nutrisystem Offers 14 day full money back guarantee if you are not satisfied with the food for any reason.

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Nutrisystem Plans

Nutrisystem offers four plans namely Basic, Core, Uniquely Yours and Uniquely Yours Plus. Basic plan subscribers can enjoy a pre-chosen menu along with free access to online tools and trackers that help them stay motivated with the diet plan. The Core plan subscribers can choose from 100 menu options along with free access to online tools and trackers. Core plan members also get free access to counselors and dietitians. The Uniquely Yours plan has 160+ items to choose from. It also includes frozen foods which is not available in Basic and Core plans. You also get access to tools and trackers, and unlimited support from counselors and dietitians. With Uniquely Yours Plus plan you get everything which is included in Uniquely Yours plan and you also get an additional 28 protein shakes.

If you are diabetic, you can subscribe to Nutrisystem D specially designed for dieters with type 2 diabetes and non meat eaters can opt for vegetarian plan.


Nutrisystem Cost

Nutrisystem meals are cost effective as the cost per day of the meals starts from $10. The meal plans for men are slightly higher than the other diet plans because they include an extra meal. As men have to consume more calories than women the diet plans for men include an additional meal. However, by using discount coupons that the company provides every now and then, dieters can enjoy great savings on their orders. The program also offers a money back guarantee using which the dieters can claim a full refund exclusive of shipping cost if not satisfied with the meals.

Nutrisystem provides FreshStart kit in the first week of joining the program and moves you to any one of the standard plans later as per your choice. FreshStart program includes turbo shakes and nutricrush bars to keep the dieters feel full in between meals. It is surely a kick starter as it includes menu choices to accelerate weight loss and it promises up to 13 pounds and 7 inches in the first month.

Nutrisystem is very popular among the dieters because of the convenience it offers. The dieters need not cook at home and this is very convenient for dieters who mostly travel. But in Medifast, you will have to cook one or 2 lean and green meal daily depending on the plan.  

Nutrisystem encourages exercising on a daily basis for about 30 minutes by providing workout DVDs for easy following. Medifast, though suggests performing exercises it does not provide any material or workout guide to make the process simple and easy.

South Beach Diet

South beach diet plan is another alternate diet program for Medifast which delivers prepacked meals to your home. It was invented by Dr. Arthur Agatston, a cardiologist by profession. He invented this diet plan primarily for his patients in order to help them not accumulate cholesterol which is not good for heart. This diet plan is observed as a low carb diet plan which is divided into three phases. The dieters have to complete all the three phases to be successful in their weight loss goal. During the first phase, the body will tend to break the fat storage for want of energy due to lack of calories consumed.

In the second phase, dieters can consume some good carbs like whole grains. In this phase, the higher amount of weight loss would be around 2 lbs as the weight loss process slows down here. In the third phase, the restrictions are loosened slightly and dieters acquire the full knowledge about foods to eat and avoid. Like Nutrisystem, following this diet plan also does not require you to keep count on calories or portion sizes. Suppose, the dieters overindulge in phase 2 and gain some weight, Dr. Arthur Agatston advises them to get back to the first phase and lose some weight and start from where they left.

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Final words

Both Nutrisystem and South beach diet plan serve as good alternatives to Medifast. Still Nutrisystem seems to be far more convenient for dieters belonging to different age groups.  The weight loss is also not drastic and there are no major restrictions.