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Nutrisystem vs Weight Watchers Review – Which is best?

Lots of weight loss programs have been introduced into the fitness market with distinct features which is really overwhelming for dieters to choose the most suitable one. Moreover the established weight loss programs keep updating their programs with strategic features to offer greater result and health. In this article we will compare two major weight loss programs analyzing the pros and cons of each of the diet programs.


Nutrisystem has been in the field of weight loss for over 49 years which vouch for its credibility and performance. It initially started as a standard brick and mortar store and gradually started delivering meals to the customers’ doorstep through an online portal. The foods are premade and packaged in microwavable pouches and delivered for 28 days in advance to the dieters’ home. The dieters just have to reheat the food pouches in a microwave oven before the meal time and consume them. The foods are portion controlled and thus eliminate the task of counting the calories for the dieters. Besides, the foods are prepared under the guidance of expert dietitians involving ingredients that are low in salt, sugar, carbohydrates and fats. Nutrisystem ensures that the diet foods are not prepared using artificial preservatives, sweeteners and flavors.

Weight Watchers

Weight Watchers is also a highly rated commercial diet program which encourages dieters to lose weight by assigning points to their diet recipes. The points are assigned to the diet foods based on the level of contents like carbs, proteins and fiber. The points are offered to each food based on a mathematical formula which the Weight Watchers have trademarked. Weight Watchers gives you the liberty of preparing and eating meals on your own. It instructs you to make note of the points assigned to each food item. It also provides fit points for every move make like cleaning, walking, gardening, etc.  The official site also provides a software online to calculate the points conveniently. The body should not exceed the amount of points assigned for a day or week in order to lose weight. In a way, Nutrisystem is convenient as it sends the prepackaged meals home eliminating the need of calculating portion sizes or calories.

Nutrisystem Vs Weight Watchers – Notable differences

Cost: Nutrisystem displays ads frequently on deals and discounts. The freshers as well as the experienced dieters benefit from these offers and save good amount of money on the orders. Nutrisystem meals for a day typically work out to $11 which is reasonable for any dieter to start with. You will have to buy the fresh fruits and vegetables on your own. Only the plans Core and Uniquely Yours give access to Nutrisystem support as the cost of these plans are slightly higher.

Weight Watchers also gives startup waivers to the dieters. It provides three levels to all its subscribers namely (a) Exclusive online access (b) Online with personal meetings (c) Training. Weight Watchers mostly recommends the option with personal meetings which amounts to $45 per month. However, this option does not include any food items. What the followers get in this level is only the support of other followers, support from online platform and facilitation for meetings.

Meals: Nutrisystem sends prepackaged meals that are portion controlled and balanced. This feature is very convenient for people who are leading busy life and do not have time to cook diet foods or work out at home. Moreover, the foods are prepared following the expert guidance of accredited dietitians and are devoid of artificial additives. Whereas, Weight Watchers gives you full freedom to cook your own food. It assigns points to the foods and those foods the followers have to cook on their own. It offers you the convenience of selecting your own food, menus, prepackaged foods of Weight Watchers for which you have to pay and several recipes. You can cook the food as you prefer and if this freedom bothers you, this program is not for you.

Tracking progress: The best part about Nutrisystem is that you need not have to keep a tab on calories you consume or measure your portion. Once you sign up for the diet plans, you are provided with an online tracking tool to track your progress. The shipment also includes the daily tracker to keep a log on what you eat daily. You are also provided with a grocery guide to buy the essential groceries. As you consume what is provided tracking is not necessary still it is useful to know your weight loss. Weight Watchers instructs you to note down what you eat actually which indirectly insists you to be aware of the nutritional value of ingredients used. By using the “simply filling technique” option you will have to select power foods from the list the program provides and these foods are not assigned with any points. Here dieters learn to cook healthy foods.

Common feature: Both Nutrisystem and Weight Watchers emphasize on limiting of calories. When following the plans of these dieters, you will be instructed to have foods that are low in fat and high in fiber. Nutrisystem meals are portion controlled while Weight Watchers assigns points to the foods you prepare; so in both the programs you need not have to measure the calories or portion. Both the diet planners enable you lose weight up to 2 lbs per week.

Differences between Nutrisystem and Weight Watchers

Features Nutrisystem Weight Watchers
Delivery Nutrisystem offers prepackaged foods and therefore eliminates the need of cooking your own meals. Weight Watchers directs to cook your own meals. Therefore you have to buy the ingredients and invest time in cooking. It may not be suitable for busy people.


Meals Nutrisystem meals are portion and calorie controlled to offer effective weight loss. Over 150 meals options are available to choose from. Weight Watchers does not provide foods instead it assigns point values to the foods that you cook. Dieters are provided with recipes to follow and required to count the points.
Consumption Nutrisystem meals have to be ordered online on a monthly basis. Both shelf stable and frozen foods are available, therefore they are ideal for storing in refregirator. Weight Watchers have to keep a tab on the points they consume and attend the weekly meetings.


Plans Nutrisystem has special plans for men, women, diabetics, vegetarians and seniors. Weight Watchers has no such plans but buyers can pay and consume their prepackaged meals.
Exercise Nutrisystem encourages to do minimum 30 minutes exercise daily but it is not part of their diet. Weight Watchers insists doing physical exercises and they are part of the program as well.
Tracking Tracking is not necessary as the foods are portion and calorie controlled. Tracking is necessary as the foods are assigned with some points which have to be tabulated to track the progress.
Results Offers steady weight loss. Dieters can lose up to 2 lbs per week. Some dieters have been able to lose 100 lbs by following the program strictly. Comparatively, dieters have to struggle hard to lose weight through point system and physical exercise.



Nutrisystem is an ideal program for dieters who are looking for a quick and convenient weight loss. As it eliminates the need of measuring calories or portions, it can be the best choice of busy people.

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