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Nutrisystem Lean 13 Review

You may be leading an active lifestyle and running regularly, yet may notice that your weight is increasing day on day. Well, it could be due to consumption of junk foods that most people enjoy and cannot do without. Some of the junk foods include French fries, cakes, soft drinks, deep fried foods, and so on. Weight gain has become highly common everywhere especially in the United States and as a result the rate of obesity is higher in the country. Putting on weight is easy, but losing it is quite a daunting task. There is no denying that a fat belly or unwanted pounds makes you feel less confident in terms of appearance and personality on the whole.

Update: Nutrisystem Lean 13 has been stopped and replaced with Nutrisystem Turbo 13. Checkout Nutrisystem Turbo 13 article for more information. 

Hence, the best way out for such situations is to follow a healthy diet plan. A diet plan that’s unique unlike the other fad diets in the market is the effective solution to attain weight loss. Although endless diet programs have been introduced in recent times, the most popular and effective one is Nutrisystem Lean 13. It is basically a dietary plan that helps you to shed weight as you follow plans that are specifically designed for every individual’s body. Before we go in depth about this diet plan, it is important to know about the company and how Nutrisystem works to help people obtain desirable weight.

About Nutrisystem

Nutrisystem is a safe way of losing weight as the diet program has been tried and tested to offer positive results in terms of weight loss. It is a concept of receiving dietary meals to your shipping address. It offers best comfort for those trying to lose weight with short of time to prepare their own meals. As the meals are delivered to your door step, you can simply heat it up and you are good to go. There are specific plans for diabetics, vegetarian, men, women and seniors. This is one of the reasons that have made the diet program so effective and popular in the United States. Many renowned celebrities have seen fabulous results through Nutrisystem. The company uses healthy ingredients to prepare dietary meals with no artificial color, sweetener or preservatives.

How does Nutrisystem work?

Nutrisystem has worked for dieters that have followed it with utmost dedication. The company has made the diet plans highly convenient which is advantageous for those looking for reaching weight loss goals with less amount of efforts. Any diet can be followed for life when you are not deprived of your favorite foods. Nutrisystem does exactly the same and hence offers some of the common foods that are most people’s favorite such as pizzas, burgers, desserts, mashed potatoes, Mac and cheese and so on.

  • Keeps you hunger at bay: More often than not dieters end up gaining weight even after following rigorous workout regime. This is mainly due to hunger pangs that are uncontrollable. That is when the additional calories get added to your body which exceeds the daily count of calories. Majority of diet plans compel you to eat less amount of food that makes hunger pangs difficult to handle. As far as Nutrisystem is concerned, it aims to remove such hurdles as it provides a diet program to keep your body full. This way, hunger pangs can be avoided and the question of ingesting excess calories does not arise. When you feel full throughout the day, there is no reason to binge on fatty or high caloric foods.
  • Appetite remains balanced: When you have three meals per day, it often leaves you hungry in between meals. As a result, it becomes difficult to stick to the diet. Eventually, the diet fails and weight loss results cannot be seen. In order to sustain all day, your body requires adequate energy. Larger meals fail to balance out your diets through the day. Therefore, Nutrisystem works in a manner that keeps your metabolism in best condition as the meals here are divided into six meals that are smaller in portion. Smaller meal at frequent intervals is the trick that works to achieve weight loss successfully. Nutrisystem ensures that dieters eat adequate quantity of foods at regular intervals to ensure that metabolism level remains stable and not sluggish. This is yet another reason that makes weight loss so easy with Nutrisystem.
  • Balanced nutrition: The meal delivery program by Nutrisystem has another plus point which is balanced nutrition. Most diets in the market may offer rapid weight loss but you may end up compromising on the nutrition part which is not the case here. The diet plans helps your body to function at maximum levels with adequate energy through a nutritious meal plan. It contains all the vital nutrients required to stay healthy and fit. Hence, you can expect to see weight loss results through a diet program that offers balanced nutrition.

Nutrisystem Meals

The company does not believe in serving three large meals and instead follows portion controlled meals that are segregated into six meals per day. This includes, breakfast, lunch, dinner, mid day snacks and desserts. There is a wide range of meal options that can be chosen from. Foods are delicious and are inclusive of all the vital nutrients. Some of the food options have been listed below:

  • Biscotti Bites
  • Chicken Breast stuffed with Cheese and Broccoli
  • Buttermilk Waffles
  • BBQ Seasoned Chicken
  • Chicken Parmesan
  • Cheesecake Bar
  • Caramel Apple Muffin
  • Chocolate Cupcake
  • Chocolate Peanut Bar
  • Double Chocolate Caramel Bar
  • Chocolate Brownie Sundae
  • Four Cheese Melt

Nutrisystem Lean 13

This plan is definitely not a marketing technique or quick gimmicks that offer results rapidly in an unhealthy way. It does not believe in a single plan that suits all. Every individual has distinct needs and hence a unique diet plan should be programmed to put it into practice regularly so as to make weight loss efforts effective. This is precisely what Nutrisystem Lean 13 does for its subscribers. There are numerous plans that people can choose from to match their needs which in turn helps them lose a few pounds and inches within a month of starting the program. The Lean 13 is basically a promotional offer that people can make best use of by purchasing the dietary meals by the company.

Lean 13 program provides dietary meals for a week which aids in shedding those excess pounds and achieve your weight loss goals successfully. Most often the problem lies in cooking food at home which is quite a hassle for most people. They are short on time and have no time to spare for planning and preparing meals on a daily basis. If you are out of practice but determined to lose weight, it can be quite stressful. Therefore, Nutrisystem offers ultimate convenience to people by supplying stock of shakes, bars and smoothies that can be purchased online. The Lean 13 plan is inclusive of turbo shakes and nutria crush bars.

Turbo Shakes

For all those who love having shakes, here is good news. The lean 13 program offers shakes that taste delicious and also offer a slimmer body within a few days. There are different flavors of turbo shakes which mostly include vanilla and chocolate. They are available in different sizes and can be bought based on your requirement. Each shake offers more than 22 vitamins and minerals. The shakes have a blend of probiotics and packed with fiber and protein. As a result, it improves your digestive health to a large extent. These shakes are easy to use and can be carried everywhere.

Nutri Crush Bars

The crush bars are healthily filling and comes in two delicious flavors, vanilla and chocolate. Each serving of these bars contain 150 calories and contains fiber and protein. In addition, its calcium content keeps your bones in good health. The key ingredients of the bars include whey protein concentrate, monk fruit extract, calcium caseinate and more.

Benefits of Nutrisystem Shakes

The shakes offered in Lean 13 program is the ideal way to boost your energy levels to kickstart your morning. Besides these shakes, oatmeal, pancakes, muffins, and tacos are the remaining part of your daily servings offered in the program. The benefit of having shakes is that it makes your diet more appealing as solid foods alone can be a bit boring. Only solid foods can also cause bloating. The calories are proportionately divided to ensure that you don’t ingest excess calories. As the shakes contain good amount of minerals and vitamins, it keeps your body in good health. While other fad diets in the market targets only on weight loss, Nutrisystem aims at both weight loss and good health.

  • Simple to use: The best part about having shakes is that it simplifies the overall process of dieting. It takes minimal time for preparation and can be had on the go. All you need to do is pour in the serving and the shakes are ready. It is so convenient that it can be carried along wherever you go. This way, there is no scope for indulging on unhealthy and fatty beverages or food. It fills your tummy all day which keeps your hunger pangs at bay.
  • Highly efficient: It offers the right amount of calories in each serving and hence it’s very efficient. The calories are divided perfectly which makes your diet highly successful. You can simply choose the flavor as per your choice and stir in to enjoy your shake and feel energetic through the day.
  • Filled with nutrients: With the help of shakes offered through Lean 13 program, you can get the right intake of calories per day. It is packed with good amount of nutrients as it believes in helping dieters stay healthy. It not only ensures weight loss but also help you sustain it for life.
  • They taste delicious: Unlike other diet foods, Nutrisystem offers delicious meals and shakes. They are not bland and hence help dieters to follow the diet consistently. You no longer need to compromise on good and tasty food in order to obtain weight loss results. Nutrisystem pays maximum attention to the requirements of dieters and what it takes to make the diet program successful.

Nutrisystem Lean 13 Plans

The success of Nutrisystem lies in its different types of plans that meet the needs and specifications of every dieter. There are numerous plans to pick from. You can choose from the three standard plans which includes basic, core and uniquely yours. The Lean 13 plan can be paired with any of these three plans. When you opt for Lean 13 plan, it includes Turbo Takeoff kit which includes food plans for a week. The foods work effectively to burn fat and boost the metabolism.

  • Basic: The most reasonable plan is the basic as it includes preselected meals. It is an economical plan and dieters have no option to customize the plan.
  • Core: The plan offers flexibility of choosing from 100 food options. When you choose Lean 13, you will not only get an access of more than 100 foods but also free shipping will be offered to customers.
  • Uniquely Yours: This plan offers the largest choice of foods that dieters can select form. With unlimited access to frozen meals, one can easily combine food options to make their meals interesting and different every day.


Nutrisystem Lean 13 is undoubtedly an efficient diet plan for weight loss that has shown amazing results on many people. It offers weight loss within a short span of subscribing for the program. There are plans designed especially for every individual. Those who subscribe for this diet program often continue to follow it as the company has many support tools to keep the dieters going. With counselors made available round the clock that helps people to choose the right plan and also get answers to all queries related to the diet, it is an excellent plan for weight loss. It offers weight loss outcomes in a healthy way and also teaches subscribers the importance of healthy eating.

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