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Bowflex Treadclimber Reviews – Pros and Cons

In today’s advanced world, majority of people have busier schedules and have little or no time to spare for fitness. As a result, overweight and obesity problems are on the rising trend everywhere. The common cause of weight gain is due to inactive lifestyle and poor diet. If there is fitness regime followed regularly such problems can be resolved. However, due to time constraints most people cannot hit the gym on a daily basis. In such scenarios, the most practical way out is to perform workouts from home. Workouts can be done within the comfort of your home and at the same time follow it as per your convenience. It saves the trouble of travelling to gym daily. With myriad of home gym equipments made available choosing the most effective one is indeed a tough task.

The key is to choose a single piece of equipment that offers complete body workout instead of investing on multiple fitness units. If you invest in several equipments to attain weight loss then storage can be a big concern as they are mostly huge in size. Hence, the best solution is choosing a fitness machine that is all in one. In simple words, look for a machine that provides workout for your entire body. Bowflex offers series of treadclimbers to provide best weight loss results. It is the best choice to make as it works effectively and has the effect of multiple workout machines.

About Bowflex Treadclimber

A cardio fitness unit with low impact workout on the body is what defines the treadclimbers from Bowflex. It combines the fitness effects of three equipments which include a stair climber, treadmill and elliptical machine. This three in one combo helps users shed maximum calories from the body.

If you are looking for a fitness machine with a low impact on joints and other parts of the body, a treadclimber is the ultimate choice. It works like an elliptical device, a stair climber and a treadmill to offer the best and most effective workout to your overall body. It requires no running as you simply need to walk on a treadclimber to burn calories. The stair climbing concept works here to help people so as to burn maximum calories during the session. As the equipment is result-oriented, it is in high demand in the fitness world.

About the Manufacturer

The company was founded in 1986 with a mission to form innovative techniques to provide best fitness results at home. The company thought of a convenient option and provided guaranteed results for several people. It strived to further expand its gym machines by combining strength and cardiovascular fitness products to suit the requirements of fitness enthusiasts. The company has remained dedicated since 30 years and succeeded in designing the smarter means to help people obtain best outcomes within the comfort of home. There is an efficient team that has been consistently designing machines to help people get fitter, slimmer and healthier. Read on more to figure out how is treadclimber more efficient than other fitness equipment.

How does it work?

The Treadclimber is built with 3 in 1 motion to help users shed more calories than what they burn while walking or jogging. It is less tiresome but burns more calories when compared to a treadmill with the equivalent speed. There is less formation of blood lactate that keeps you going during workout sessions on a treadclimber and hence users stick to it to achieve fitness goals. Due to fewer amount of lactic acid being generated in the body unlike other machines like elliptical and treadmill, the sessions on treadclimber are effortless. This way, you can remain focused and consistent to perform workouts rigorously. This is one of the prime reasons that make this workout machine very effective.

Treadclimber Benefits

When it comes to benefits of treadclimbers, you will be quite amazed especially when you read through the user reviews. It is effective, convenient and easy to use as per customer reviews updated on the website. It saves people from the hassle of waiting for long durations at the gym for their turn. There is no need to perform workouts on different equipment which is not only time consuming but tiring as well. A treadclimber targets your total body muscles to offer a complete cardio exercise to your body. In addition, there are many other benefits as well that makes treadclimber so popular among people today.

  • Burns calories by 2.5 times

As per reviews, users have burned 2.5 times more calories using the same speed like that of a treadmill. It offers an intense cardio workout effect to your body without impacting your joints. The equipment can be adjusted easily based on the fitness level by choosing the preferred workout programs available. The customizable programs truly inspire users to perform workouts regularly without leaving any scope for lack of interest. Fitness goals can be obtained more quickly than you can imagine as the level of consistency in users is higher here.

  • 3 in 1 workouts

Why choose multiple equipments to get fitter? Well, you can combine the same effects in a single piece of equipment when you choose a treadclimber. It saves your time and effort working on various fitness machines to reach your fitness goals. Using multiple machines can also make your body get tired but the treadclimber is an effortless machine that works with triple action.

  • Cardio workout from home

The prime benefit of this machine is that it largely boosts your energy levels throughout to keep you fresh and strong. There are reduced risks of certain health conditions such as heart diseases, back pain, osteoporosis and so on. One can lose weight effectively through this device as it enhances the metabolism level. Well, the good news is that all these benefits can be reaped simply at home.

  • Targets body muscles

The wide incline feature allows the tread climber to show the effect of 3 different cardio equipments. As mentioned earlier, users can obtain the workout benefits of a stair climber, elliptical and treadmill. The incline can be adjusted based on the workout motion. Also, equal attention can be given to all major muscle groups of the body. A treadclimber supports the feature of striding and stair climbing at the same time offers spectacular results.

Bowflex Treadclimber Models

  • Treadclimber TC100
  • Treadclimber TC200

About Bowflex TC100

Entry level equipment from Bowflex is ideal for beginners to achieve their fitness missions. It has been designed to offer best convenience for its users. There are many great features through which one can meet their weight loss goals. The features are class apart when compared to other fitness machines in the market. As far as price is concerned, it is most economical when compared with other treadclimber models of Bowflex. The key features of TC 100 have been listed below.

Bowflex TC100 Features

  • 4 electronic functions for speed, distance, time and calories
  • 5 to 4mph speed range
  • Heart rate monitor and LCD display
  • Bowflex Connect along with USD charge port
  • Personal exercise goals can be monitored of two user profiles
  • Compact design includes media and water bottle shelf holder
  • 2years of warranty on the unit along with weight loss guide
  • Transport wheels for quick movement

About Bowflex TC200

The TC 100 is designed with high digital connectivity and best console interactivity. It has a bold new appearance and is the premier fitness equipment that helps you to get fitter in no time. This particular unit from Bowflex ensures that users are always in high spirits and keeps them feeling energetic throughout the workout session. A low impact cardio device with effective outcomes is definitely worth its value. The features of this model have been listed below.

TC 200 Features

  • 5 workout programs that include walk, time, calorie, distance and interval
  • 5 to 4.5 mph speed range
  • Bluetooth connectivity made available
  • Auto data sharing with apps like My Fitness Pal, Apple Health Kit, Google Fit and Bowflex
  •  Heart rate monitor with LCD display
  • Chest strap with charging port
  • Media shelf and water bottle holder
  • 3 year warranty with transport wheel for easy movement

Considering the features and benefits of Bowflex TC models, there is no denying that they offer best fitness results. There are different models made available so that people can choose based on their requirement. All models are designed with advanced concept and offers best workout effect from home. The treadclimber offers results of three workout machines through a single unit which is one of the key characteristics of the machine. There are innumerable users that are highly satisfied with the results offered by Treadclimbers and the reviews can be read through in the company’s website as well. All in all, it is the best alternative for elliptical and treadmills. Whether you are struggling to lose weight or simply want to remain fitter, treadclimber is one of the sensible home gyms one can purchase.

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