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Bowflex Max Trainer Reviews – Worth Buying?

Has weight loss become your top priority but you are unsure how to achieve it effectively? You are not alone. There are millions of people today struggling to lose weight but have inadequate time to go to gym. As a result, there are many home gyms that have been introduced in the market. The biggest benefit of such home gyms is that it can be used conveniently within the comfort of your home to obtain fitness and weight loss results. Although there are myriad of fitness machines, not all offer total body workouts. If you are on the lookout for a fitness machine that offers a complete workout for your body, Bowflex Max Trainer is your best pick. It offers ultimate weight loss results and has gained immense popularity over years.

About Bowflex Max Trainer

The Bowflex Max Trainer from Nautilus, Inc is a great fitness machine to shed those extra calories from your body within a short span of time. It helps in strengthening your lungs and heart and at the same time improves the stamina and endurance as well. Users can continue to burn calories even after the workout session on the machine has stopped. It is unique piece of equipment that cannot be matched with any other fitness device.

It is a combination of a stair stepper, stationary bicycle and revere elliptical machine. Users feel that the workout is as good as running on a steep hill. The unique motion is of zero impact and offers best total body workouts within 14 minutes.

In today’s world of fitness majority of Americans lead a busier lives and hence the Max Trainer is developed to offer quality workouts in minimal time. Max trainer being the newest workout machine offers all the benefits like that of a prolonged workout session but 14 minutes is all you need per day. The machine offers workouts that are fun to do and also keeps the users motivated to accomplish their fitness goals.

How does it work?

The Max Trainer works like an elliptical device by making your feet move in a circular motion. This way it ensures that you obtain the best workout with no impact on the joints. There are some fitness machines that target either upper or lower body at a time. As far as Max Trainer is concerned, you can be rest assured to obtain both upper and lower body workout simultaneously for maximum results. The result is achieved with the help of wider foot planks made available or standing surface that moves in up and down and forward and backward motion.

When it comes to upper body workout, the machine’s arms move effectively in back and forth motion through its v shaped handles. These handles help in intensifying the upper body exercise based on your choice and all you need to do is change the hand positions. When you perform workouts on this machine, the gauge also known as the Burn Rate monitor which is like a speedometer of a car shows the count of calories burned. In addition, the range of target exertion depending on the program chosen also gets displayed. The programs easily adjust the levels of resistance depending on the presets. You can also adjust the resistance level manually based on your comfort level with the help of the knob.

Comparison between Max Trainer M3, M5 and M7

Bowflex M3 – The Max Trainer M3 is the ideal fitness machine if you are a beginner. There are best features that help to burn higher amount of calories. The device ensures that the upper body is engaged totally. This is one of the best features that can be rarely found in a fitness machine today. It keeps your body engaged fully and offers effective results for every major muscle group in the body. If weight loss and burning excess calories is the main motto of your life, M3 is the best pick for you.

Features at a glance

  • 8 resistance levels
  • Two workout programs namely Manual and Max Interval
  • Inclusive of a heart rate monitor on the chest strap
  • Water bottle holder and media shelf holder

Bowflex M5: The Max Trainer M5 is the higher version which consists of best features and benefits. It is a compact machine with extra resistance levels that makes it a perfect home workout machine. So, if you have a tighter work schedule, choose the M5 as you can avail the benefit of performing workouts from home. It can hold weight capacity of 300 pounds. If you are looking for fitness outcomes within the comfort of your home, M5 is the ideal choice. Some of the features have been listed below.

Features at a glance

  • 16 resistance levels
  • Consist of 9 workout programs Fitness State, Stairs, Calorie Goal, Steady State, Calorie Burn, Smart Max Interval, Max Interval and Manual
  • Integrated contact grip for chest strap heart rate display
  • Media shelf and water bottle holder
  • Premium grips and backlit display

Bowflex M7: M7 is yet another latest addition that has amazing results to offer for fitness freaks. The fitness machine mimics the concept of M3 and M5. It is designed with a concept that is inclusive of multiple movements. When you use this model for fitness results, you can easily lose up to 300 calories in less than 15 minutes. When the machine is used with higher intensity level, you can burn maximum calories rapidly. There are several features of M7 and the key feature has been listed below.

Features at a glance

  • 20 resistance levels that are computer controlled
  • 11 workout programs that can be adapted over time by users to set new fitness targets
  • Huge LED display with dual backlit
  • Workouts can be extended with the click of a button through Add Time Feature
  • Multiple user profiles
  • Free Max Trainer App with Bluetooth compatibility feature
  • Gym quality aero handlebars
  • Racing pedals made of stainless steel

After glancing through the above features of the models, there is not much of a difference between the three. The main difference however lies in the number of workout programs and resistance levels. A workout program is basically a feature that helps in adjusting the resistance level automatically based on the program you choose. If you select the Calorie Burn Program, the fitness device will make adjustments in the resistance level during your workout session so as to ensure that maximum calories are burned.

Benefits of Max Trainer Models

  • Easy to assemble: While doing research for a specific product, we refer to the reviews updated by customers to understand the goodness and effectiveness of it. So when it comes to assembling the Max Trainer, it is quite easy as per the customer reviews. The Max Trainer models come with assembly instructions that are clear and easy to follow. Every tool, nut and bolt required to assemble the machine is included in the package. You will successfully assemble the Max Trainer yourself without any help or assistance from the company. However, if you face any issue assembling the products, there are several videos online and the company site that guides you on how to assemble it.
  • Effective Intervals: Max Trainer offers best interval training workout to your body which is one of the most beneficial feature. Besides, intervals help you to burn calories long after you stop the session. This is because you inhale more oxygen along with intervals than you do working out for a longer duration at a moderate intensity. Interval workouts increase your metabolism, aerobic and anaerobic capability and enhance muscle cell function.
  • Quality exercise in less time: Considering the hectic lifestyles led by millions of people in America, Max Trainer is the ideal choice for those determined to lose weight and remain fit. The benefit of using Max Trainer is that is offers best quality workouts without taking a whole lot of your time on a daily basis. Users can spend about 14 minutes to obtain best fitness outcomes within the comfort of their homes. There is no need to visit a gym nearby to achieve your fitness goals as you can save your precious time through Max Trainer.
  • Low Impact and Effective Calorie Burning Device: The small intervals of physical activities with longer duration of intervals to rest is what makes the Max Trainer one of the most effective ways to burn calories. This concept best works to shed those calories and continue shedding them post workout as well. The Max Trainer has the ability to burn maximum calories in comparison to other fitness equipment like stair climber, treadmill or an elliptical machine. Another reason for its popularity is that it offers fitness results without impacting your joints. It protects your heels, ankles and legs throughout the session.

Thus, The Max Trainer models like M3, M5 and M7 offers best results in terms of fitness and weight loss. If you wish to burn calories from your body and obtain a complete body workout with the help of a single piece of equipment, Bowflex Max Trainer is the ultimate choice. You can choose one of the models based on your preferences.

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