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Best Moves to Target Your Core

When you perform the traditional core exercises such as bicycle or crunches, they will target your obliques and abdominals but are unable to touch the lower abs. the lower bas are therefore very difficult to train and tone, making it a challenge for people trying to get a well-sculpted body. It is in the lower abdominal region that we tend to store the excess fat and for the women, this is more challenging since the estrogen hormone tries to hold onto this fat. You can try performing these following moves in order to strengthen and target the core:

  • Jack Knife: to do this move, you must lie with your face upwards, the feet together with arms extended above the head. You need to breathe in hard and then while breathing out, you must squeeze the core to raise your right arm and left leg together so that they touch each other. You must inhale again to repeat this with the other arm and leg.
  • Heel tap: In the heel tap move, you must lie on the mat with hands beneath your bottom. With bent knees and the feet into a table top position, you must slowly put the flexed feet in front till the heels can almost touch the floor. You have to then squeeze the abs to raise the feet up to return to the table top posture.
  • Scissor: To do this, you must again lie on the ground with hands under the head and shoulders off the mat. Using the core muscles, you have to raise the legs off the ground and alternate them in an upward-downward motion like a scissor.
  • Slider Pike: You can use towels or sliders to do this move to target your core. You must start in a high plank position with the feet on the sliders. As you squeeze the lower abdominal muscles, you need to draw the feet towards the hands. In doing this, you have to raise the hips towards the roof like a pike position. Then the feet have to be pushed backwards to come back to the starting posture.
  • Straight Leg Raise: From the face-up position on your mat, you must place hands beneath the lower back. You have to then raise the legs straight off the floor to a 90 degree angle and then lower them back slowly.
  • Mountain Climber: You need to start with a plank position and keeping the hips and body at the same level, you need to lift the right foot and bring it to the right knee. When you return this leg to the plank position, you need to repeat the action with the left foot. Without moving the hips you have to keep alternating this action as you engage the core muscles.
  • Slider Knee Tuck: This requires sliders too and you can start by placing your feet on two sliders. You have to draw the feet to your chest by holding the core tight. Your upper body must not lean forward too much. Finally, you need to push the feet behind to go back to the plank.
  • Rolling Plank: This is another effective move which targets the core. You start with a low plank on your forearms; holding this for about 10 seconds, you must roll on the right elbow to stack the feet and hold a side plank. You have to then roll back through the center to work out the left side this time. You must keep alternating as you engage the core muscles.

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