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9 Best Arm Exercises For All Time

It is important to focus on your arms in addition to other areas of the body. There are several exercises to strengthen your arms. Some of the effective ones have been discussed below.

  1. Hammer Curl: Grab a dumbbell in both hands and ensure that your palms face your sides and arms stretch straight down. Keep your upper arms on your sides by curling both weights simultaneously. Minimize the momentum that you use while performing the curl.
  2. Dip: Place your palms or a chair, bench or on the ground as you stretch your legs in the front. Bring down your body till the time your upper arms are parallel to the ground. Stretch your elbows so as to come up.
  3. Suspension Trainer Tricep Extension: Stretch the straps before you stand below the suspensions anchor spot. Bring your weight forward and fold your elbows until your triceps get a stretching feeling. Your palms need to face each other and should be placed behind your head. Keep your body in straight posture, brace your abs, stretch elbows and rotate palms to face downwards during extension.
  4. Chin-up: Pull the bar at the width of your shoulder. Keep your core tightened and pull your body up to ensure that your chin is on the bar. Avoid using momentum so that your chin is on the bar.
  5. Diamond Pushup: Place your body in pushup position and hands to be placed close to each other. Your index fingers and thumbs should touch one another. Your body should be in straight line with your abs as you brace it. Lower the torso till the time your chest is on the floor and press back up.
  6. Neutral Grip Tricep Extension: On a bench, lie back with a dumbbell in each hand and palms should face one another. The weights should press on your chest and elbows to be folded to bring down the weights close to your face. Stretch your elbows and ensure that they face the ceiling throughout the set.
  7. Rotating Inverted Row: Grip the handles and lean backwards by extending your arms. Your body should be gripped by the suspension trainer and feet to be on the floor. Your body should be held in a straight line by bracing your core. Begin with your palms so that it faces the feet. While you row your body upwards you can twist the wrists out to ensure that your palms are facing upwards on top.
  8. Suspension Bicep Curls: You should face the attachment point of the trainer and grab the handles by palms facing upwards. Lean back as you brace your abs, body straightened and arms stretched in front of you. Thereafter, you body can be curled up to the handles.
  9. Black Cable Curl: Place a D handle on the lower pulley of the cable machine. Hold the handle with your left hand and come forward until you sense tension on the cable. Your feet can be staggered so that your right leg is placed in the front. Now, curl the handle without allowing your elbow to point forward.

Thus, these are some of the best exercises to strengthen and tone your arms.

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