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7 Day Flat Belly Diet

Getting a flat stomach in a matter of 7 days may not be as hard as you think. If you stick to a carefully planned diet program and exercise throughout the week, it is indeed possible to lose the extra pounds and burn the belly fat. The first thing to remember is to eat more often to lose the extra weight. Rather than eating as many as three large meals in a day which can make your stomach full and pushes your digestive system to work harder, you can consume small meal portions frequently. This will help to keep the metabolism up without making you feel deprived. Moreover, just because you are following a strict diet plan does not mean you have to ignore all your cravings. You can indulge in a cheat meal every week as long as it is in moderation.

  • One of the first dietary suggestions for a flat tummy is drinking more water because it helps to maintain the right fluid balance. Water keeps you full, preventing you from overeating or indulging in too much snacking. Green tea can reduce belly fat because it is loaded with antioxidants or catechins. You can even add ginger to your cup of green tea to lessen bloating.
  • Another important dietary suggestion is to include more protein rich foods and fish-oil supplements in your meals. Fish oil found in wild salmon, sardines and tuna are loaded with omega 3 fatty acids that are heart-healthy and help in burning belly flat. A flatter stomach is possible when you boost the protein intake in your meals. This helps to reduce overall fat especially abdominal fat. Foods like eggs, poultry, lean meat, turkey breast, lean beef, dried beans, yogurts and cottage cheese are excellent dietary additions.
  • To get a flat belly in a week’s time, you should cut down on the carbohydrate intake drastically. This helps to enhance the body’s response to sugar levels and reduces belly fat. So, when you eat less carbs, the body will release less amounts of insulin and converts the fat stored into energy.
  • It sounds strange that fat consumption can help to reduce your belly fat but the truth is that when you consume medium-chain healthy fats like coconut oil you can boost fat reduction.
  • Eating more fiber-rich foods like organic cereals can prevent constipation; this will help to reduce stomach bloating and help you get a flat stomach quickly.
  • To lose the belly fat fast, you must stay away from fermented beverages, soda, fizzy drinks and alcohol. Carbonated drinks contain high amounts of gas in them and when you drink these, the stomach tends to get bloated.
  • When you eat vegetables in your meals, you must remember to avoid eating them in a raw form because this will cause bloating; steaming vegetables helps your stomach to digest them faster.
  • Water retention in the body is caused when you take in too much of salt with your meals. To shed the unwanted fat, you should choose salt-free seasonings such as pepper.

If you can follow these afore-mentioned diet suggestions for a week, you are likely to notice positive changes. Following a low-carb protein rich diet will ensure that you are not lacking in energy. Eating proper meals loaded with important nutrients is necessary to keep the metabolism high. Skipping meals will only cause more bloating. The key to losing the belly fat is therefore a proper diet plan supplemented by a rigorous workout routine combining both cardio and strength training.

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